Treasure Forest Elementary School is:

“An Innovative Learning Community Committed and Determined to Excellence”


Treasure Forest Elementary School is an INNOVATIVE Learning Community, constantly striving to find and create better ways of pursuing our goals; We are all engaged in learning, staff and students alike, finding joy in its constant pursuit; We are a community, bound by strong values and tradition, in many ways more accurately described as a family; we are COMMITTED to learner success and to the TFE vision; We are deeply DETERMINED about EXCELLENCE in its many forms with “Quality before Quantity” in mind.

Common Values

TFE recognizes a set of common values and purposes that support our curriculum and work at our school.

  • High Expectations for all: Academic achievement, behavior and work ethics (integrity).
  • Commitment: All time and effort required for success.
  • Determination: the act of “whatever it takes” and “never give up”
  • Respect: all will be treated with dignity at all times.
  • Teamwork: cooperation to achieve common goals( we lift as we climb).
  • Fun: Enjoying and finding pleasure in all learning opportunities.